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The London Millennium Footbridge is a 325m long suspension bridge which crosses the River Thames at Bankside on the Queen's Walk. Opened on June 10th 2000, the bridge links Tate Modern on the southbank with the City of London and St Paul’s Cathedral on the northbank.

It had been over 100 years, since the construction of Tower Bridge, that central London had been provide with a new walkway across the River Thames, a unique design which offers spectacular views of London.

London Millennium Foortbridge connects the Southbank to the City.river thames foot crossing

In 1996 for the upcoming millennium celebrations, an international architectural ‘bridge building’ competition was held in conjunction with the Royal Institute of British Architects.

The winning entry was the innovative steel “blade of light”, a superb match of engineering and art by designers Arup, Foster and Partners and the sculptor Sir Anthony Caro.

Walk over the millennium bridge to get unimpaired views of London.thames crossing views

The design used lateral suspension to avoid the use of tall supporting columns enabling the bridge to be low, sleek and elegant. A beautiful addition to the River Thames that gives unimpeded views to walkers.

Although the bridge is designed to support up to 5000 people, initial problems were caused when it first opened when thousands crossed together and set up vibrations which resulted in the bridge swaying sideways.

Sleek suspension bridge with main cables running below the walk millennium footbridge

It was closed until 2002 while dampers were installed which prevented the movement, but the bridge is still also affectionately known as the wobbly bridge.

When the bridge was re-opened in early 2002 tens of thousands of people queued to walk over the bridge, not quite as many as on its original opening day when an estimated 100,000 people crossed.

London Millennium Footbridge and Tate Modern.river thames

Now a famous London landmark, the bridge is top location for tourists to take pictures and had appeared in block-buster films: the 2009 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and the 2014 Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy.

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London Millennium Footbridge is on The Queen's Walk, Southbank, a public path which is open all year round and free to cross.

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